How to Write a Better RFP for Wi-Fi Network Installation



Writing a good RFP, like building an effective Wi-Fi network, is difficult. Download RESOLUTE Partners' handy guide to organizing and drafting an RFP for Wi-Fi network installation services and make it simple. With our free model RFP, you'll be well on your way to better bids from qualified solution providers.RESOLUTE_Guide_Cover_pdf__1_page_

Our guide provides advice on the main areas your RFP should address. It includes sample questions and offers commentary on each topic. We explain the reasons behind the questions, the traps that procurement managers can fall into, and how to ensure all responses are compared on equal footing. 

You will learn:

  • To ask the right questions of potential partners for your network
  • The single principle you should follow to avoid crafting questions that can lead to unrealistic bids.
  • How to ensure regulatory compliance (HIPAA, Military Spec, etc.)
  • What data and physical security specifications you should require from bidders
  • How to calculate a realistic bandwidth requirement that meets your users' needs now and in the future
  • The one question that separates respondents who are owner/operators from design/build contractors
  • How to save money on support
  • And much more... 

Download our free Wi-Fi RFP Guide today!