Building a Broadband Network in Your Rural Community - Engineering and Operations Tips for the City Manager 



Building a broadband network requires pulling together many disciplines, such as engineering, construction, operations, finance and billing. Below, we offer some guidelines on engineering and operations for city managers who are leading broadband installation projects in rural areas. 

ScreenShot2015-03-03at11.16.03AMThese guidelines are drawn from our 17+ years of experience setting up broadband networks in many of our nation’s rural areas. They are short, non-technical and offer practical advice. Their purpose is to inform you about pitfalls and best practices in building a broadband network for your community’s residents. Your network provider should be able to answer any questions these guidelines may raise about your installation. 

You will learn:

  • Wired vs. wireless broadband? Which areas should be wired, wireless?  
  • How to address a difficult environment, terrain
  • How to address changing seasons, vegetation
  • Working with metallic structures
  • Navigating around existing wireless networks
  • Considerations for tower construction
  • Choosing wireless spectrum 

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