Case Study: Broadband Wireless Network Brings High-Speed Internet to Mountainous Rural Area


Learn how RESOLUTE Partners engineered a solution for an area previously deemed too difficult and brought internet to a underserved people. ScreenShot2015-03-03at10.34.13AM

A bid to bring wireless Internet service to the Seneca Nation of Indians had been stalled for three years. The rural area’s geography posed too great a challenge for the construction of a wireless broadband network. After the Nation engaged Seneca Telecommunications and RESOLUTE Partners, the project took off and within a few months, several hundred Seneca households were enjoying the benefits of broadband Internet. Learn how RESOLUTE Partners:

  • Engineered a lasting solution in extremely difficult terrain 
  • Created a powerful wireless network that could adapt to changing weather conditions
  • Worked with and guided client through regulatory landscape to project completion